Paleo Pointers: The 50 Best Paleo Desserts


My all time favorite part of a meal has always been, and will always be, dessert. However, when I began my paleo lifestyle I was nervous that I would have to cut out my beloved sweet treats. While there are some hardcore paleo enthusiasts that do not believe dessert is not part of the paleo lifestyle, I have found that paleo friendly dessert is not only acceptable, but necessary to keep on track. Lets face it – even the best of us have a sweet tooth sometimes.

Now you are probably wondering, how can dessert be paleo friendly? Well my friends, it’s pretty simple, just avoid the pre-packaged candy and desserts packed with sugar and other non-paleo friendly ingredients. Instead, make home made desserts filled with clean, all natural ingredients.

Here are a few of my favorites, try them out and let me know what you think!

Feeling Fruity

Craving Chocolate

Crazy for Cookies

Other Sweet Treats


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