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Cinnamon Raisin Cookies

There are just not enough hours in the day. Between the gym, work, wanting to spend time with family and friends, cooking, blogging and the other million and one things I need to get done, I have come to the realization that I could really benefit from just one or two more hours in the…

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Date Puree: All Natural Sweetner

Did you know that you can use pureed dates as a substitute for maple syrup, honey or sugar? Unlike sugar and honey, dates are full of fiber which slows down the absorption of sugar to your liver helping to regulate how your insulin responds. Fiber also fills you up faster. Not unlike figs, dates are also wonderful…

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Strawberry Lemonade Fizz

With the weekend within reach, I thought there was no better time to share the recipe for my Strawberry Lemonade Fizz. Made from fresh strawberries and lemons, this summertime drink is naturally sweet and perfectly tart! Enjoy it with the kids after a long day of playing at the park, or add your favorite cocktail for…

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Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs

As of this week we have officially hit 80 degrees here in Boston! You know what that means – we are spending as much time as possible outside soaking up the sun. Poolside parties, lazy days on the beach and backyard barbecues here we come! Recently J and I have put a lot of time and energy…

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Turkey Taco Burgers

I am so excited to finally unveil the Turkey Taco Burger. This little baby came to me one day while I was daydreaming about Mexican food- don’t judge because I know you do it too. Now generally, Mexican food comes on top of, inside of, or underneath a warm, crunchy, corn tortilla… an obvious barrier…

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Chipotle Aioli

Making homemade mayonnaise is a daunting task, but it definitely worth it. Plus, once you get the hang of it, you can whip together a delicious paleo mayonnaise in less than two minutes! That being said, the best thing about homemade mayonnaise is that you can easily make a number of flavored mayonnaise and aioli recipes by adding spices,…

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Cabbage Steak2

Flame Grilled Cabbage Steak

Despite my preconceived notions about cabbage, there is something about this bright purple vegetable that always calls my name at the market.  Red cabbage is often used raw for salads and coleslaw, like in my Red Cabbage and Cilantro Crunchy Slaw, but my favorite way to prepare red cabbage is on the grill. These Red…

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Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Growing up I was a huge fan of potatoes. Whether they were mashed, fried or baked, potatoes were my “vegetable” of choice. For years my mom had talked about how much she loved sweet potatoes and I would smile and nod my head but could not get over the bright orange glow of these supposed…

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