The Paleo Subscription Box


Things have certainly changed since paleolithic era. The hunt for the perfect snack has retired from the wild and has resumed in the market (a different kind of wild if you ask me). In fact even in the past year, there has been a big shift for primal eaters as the paleo diet has gained in popularity. There is all new kind of hunt going on at the market (and online) as we struggle to sift our way through the mountains of available paleo products.

Every time I enter Whole Foods, I find a new brand boasting that they are “Gluten-Free and Paleo Friendly.” In a wave of excitement I purchase the large box and can’t wait to dig in, only to be let down when I get home and stuck with an open but full box of cookies, crackers, you name it.

Luckily, the folks over at Hunt.Gather.Snack. get it and they want to help you busy paleo eaters discover new, delicious paleo snacks to help you eat clean on the run!



Hunt.Gather.Snack. makes it easy to eat clean on the go. They offer various boxes so that you can pick the type and size that best suits your lifestyle. Large or small, Paleo and Primal or Keto.


Then they do the hard work, filling each box with a variety of products every month so you get to try something new. Featured products include: Paleo Prime Foods, SeaSnax, Cattaneo Bros., Caveman Foods, Epic Bar, Raw Revolution, Tanka, Bare Fruit, Thunderbird Energetica, Two Moms in the Raw, The GoodOnYabar, Go Raw, Bearded Bros. and Yawp!

I tested out a Paleo and Primal box and was pleasantly surprised with the wide variety of products in my box. From traditional paleo jerkys, nuts and dried fruit to more exotic products like  seaweed snacks. There were even a handful of Caveman cookies!


As a foodie, my favorite part of this paleo subscription box was testing all of the products! There were some tired and true personal favorites, particularly Caveman Cookies and Peeled Snacks but I was also surprised with new products I’d never heard of. This was also a great opportunity to sample some products that I had seen a number of times but hesitated to try, like the Seas’s Gift roasted seaweed snacks and Simple Squares organic snack bar (both of which were delicious). 

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*Hunt.Gather.Snack. provided a free box for review, all opinions are my own.


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    I don’t know if it’s just me, but in the last several emails I have received, the images have been extremely oversized. For example, in the first image in this post, the left edge of the bowl is on the right edge of the image on the edge of the browser window and the rest of the image is blank. If I click on the image, it displays normal size, but when I then click the back arrow to return to the post, I get ‘page cannot be displayed’.

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      Thanks for reaching out @MrMomWorld:disqus, we’re looking into this and will have it fixed shortly!

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    I liked the facebook and followed bloglovin! Would love to win :) also, what blogger platform is this?

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