Paleo Pointers: The Best Paleo Blogs

PaleoPointers 07.11.13

By far, the best resource for paleo eaters new and old is a good paleo blog. When I first adopted my paleo lifestyle, I searched high and low for the best paleo blogs. I was looking for recipes that were easy to follow, didn’t have too many ingredients and were, above all else, delicious. I also wanted to follow bloggers that were personable and provided real life stories and information on eating paleo in the modern world.

I followed a ton of blogs those first few months and read them all trying to learn everything I could about eating paleo. Over the past year I have weeded out some blogs that didn’t fit my personal style or didn’t offer the kind of recipes and resources I was looking for. I’ve also added new reads to my daily blog roll, some of which aren’t even paleo specific food blogs.

While I think I’ve come up with a pretty good group, this is in no way way and exhaustive list. I find new blogs every week that are inspiring and offer new insight into paleo cooking.

So without further ado I give you the top ten paleo blogs, as told by a cave girl.

  1. PaleOMG – Juli is my inspiration, I love her yummy recipes and spicy personality (I previously wrote about her here and here and am giving away a copy of her cook book here)
  2. Paleo Girl’s Kitchen – Kelly’s blog is a more recent find but I love that she makes it easy to find a recipe based on what meal you are eating or what kind of meat you want to cook!
  3. Civilized Caveman Cooking – A tied and true favorite, this blog is a must for all paleo eaters. George offers some of the most delicious recipes and best paleo resources I have seen.
  4. Everyday Paleo – Prior to going paleo, J and I did a lot of research and Sarah’s blog and cookbooks became instant favorites in our house. Definitely the best resource for beginners!
  5. The Spunky Coconut – Is this not the best blog name you’ve ever heard? The recipes and cookbook reviews don’t hurt either.
  6. Nom Nom Paleo – A personal favorite for finding new recipes that work with things I already have in the kitchen. Michelle’s app is also a must have.
  7. The Clothes Make the Girl – Melissa inspired my first Whole 30 and she continues to be one of my favorite paleo bloggers. Her blog and cookbook should be in the back pocket of everyone looking to do a Whole30.
  8. Freckled Italian – I love Megan’s down to earth personality and approach to paleo eating. Also be sure to check out her paleo consulting business here.
  9. From Cupcakes to Crossfit – While I have yet to join the crossfit club, Stephanie and Michael make it look awesome! I love that this blog incorporates more than the typical paleo blog and also touched on health and fitness, fashion and lifestyle.
  10. Taylor Made it Paleo – I couldn’t complete my list without including Taylor, just one bite of any one of her desserts and you’ll be hooked!

I can’t stress enough how much helpful finding some good paleo blogs can be. Not only is it a great place to go for recipes, but these blogger inspire me everyday (heck they even inspired me to start my own blog) and offer some of the best (not to mention free) advice out there. It’s like having a personal paleo trainer right at your finger tips!

Finally, I wanted to point out (as I did earlier) that some of my favorite blogs are not strictly paleo. Three in particular My New RootsSprouted Kitchen and Love and Lemons, focus on clean, healthy eating and have some of the best recipes I’ve found, not to mention the photography is amazing!. Be sure to check them out, I promise you won’t be disappointed! And if your looking to make any of these not so paleo recipes fit your lifestyle, check out these easy recipe swaps.

I always enjoy reading new blogs and learning new paleo friendly recipes. Do you have a paleo/food blog? Share below! What other paleo/food blogs inspire you in the kitchen?


  1. Jean says

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  2. AdvocareSparked says

    Great list!!! I love finding paleo recipes & networking with other families. I also recently started taking supplements that I absolutely love!!!! You can check them out here:

    If you haven’t heard of advocare spark, you’re missing out.

  3. says

    Thanks so much for this list! I’m new to investigating the paleo lifestyle since some of the notions are so different from what I grew up learning about health. It all makes sense, and I’m learning so much. So happy to find a list of places to check out to learn more.

  4. Nancy says

    Hi there! I am trying Paleo & today is my fifth day … Got question for anyone out there. Today I felt like I was having a hot flash 🌋. Is that normal or have you heard of this before? Thanks for any in put.

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