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When I was growing up, I distinctly remember my grandparents always having a huge garden in their backyard. My grandpa would tend to the garden and my grandma always cooked with what he grew. They had everything you could imagine in that garden– big juicy tomatoes, bright green lettuce, county fair sized pumpkins and sometimes even towering sunflower stalks.

Over the years the garden has gotten smaller, maybe I’ve grown a bit, but I will never forget how much fun I had playing in the garden. I promise you will never taste better rhubarb than when you tank it from the soil yourself!

Unfortunately, living in the city leaves little room for a backyard, let alone a garden. That is why I was so excited to find this Foodie Garden at West Elm! It comes with everything you need to set up a window box and grow vegetables and herbs at home!

You will need:Home Grown 06.18.13 Home Grown 06.18.13 2

1. Take out the soil pods and place them evenly in you planter. (These soil pods are great because they really reduce the amount of mess and clean-up!)

DSC_0162 2. Add water (follow the soil pod directions and add the appropriate amount of water per pod, mixing as appropriate) DSC_0164 3. Save the labels from each seed packet and place evenly across the outside of the planter (this will help you remember which pepper is which later on!) DSC_0173

4. Add the seeds in the section that corresponds with the correct label. DSC_0174 5. Lightly cover the seeds with a layer of soil. DSC_0175 6. Place your planter in a well lit windowsill to ensure that the plant gets enough light. DSC_0183 7. Water the plant to keep the soil moist but not drenched. DSC_0086 8. Optional: Sing to your plants while you are cooking dinner (I swear it’s what kept these little guys growing!) DSC_0091 We don’t have peppers just yet, but over the past few weeks these little pepper plants have been growing bigger and bigger. I’ll be sure to report back on their progress!

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to create an at home garden (box), what kinds of vegetables would you like to plant?



    • mackenzelee says

      We’re thinking of putting the plants on the fire escape once we replant them in bigger pots! can’t wait to cook with the peppers too!

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